Nintendo DSi XL

I haven’t played my Nintendo in 4 years. I really miss it. I’m thinking about buying the new 3ds because mine broke.

Four years ago, I didn’t have a ounce of knowledge to fix it. 

It can’t hold the charge. I opened it up and took a look at the the motherboard for burn spots. I’m so happy I didn’t find spots. I could never fix it. I would have to pay $90 for a new motherhood.

Harbor freight have some good deals so I went to buy a precision screwdriver set and soldering iron. 

The skews were hard to take out, but I didn’t strip any. I solder the the power jack but it didn’t fix it. 

I can’t buy anything online yet because my parents won’t let me. I’ll try at RadioShack and maybe they can order it for me. eBay has it for $3. I’ll look into.