Why I haven’t been posting?

I’m a geek inside but I don’t look like a geek. 

I hear this so many times. Probably because I play basketball. 

To add on, I work at McDonalds. I usually save my money for college or use it to buy parts and to further my knowledge in IT.

My point is I don’t have as much time when basketball season is right around the corner.

You don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and I will continue to blog. I’ll be coming  out with more topics soon relating to my geeky side of me. 


Nintendo DSi XL

I haven’t played my Nintendo in 4 years. I really miss it. I’m thinking about buying the new 3ds because mine broke.

Four years ago, I didn’t have a ounce of knowledge to fix it. 

It can’t hold the charge. I opened it up and took a look at the the motherboard for burn spots. I’m so happy I didn’t find spots. I could never fix it. I would have to pay $90 for a new motherhood.

Harbor freight have some good deals so I went to buy a precision screwdriver set and soldering iron. 

The skews were hard to take out, but I didn’t strip any. I solder the the power jack but it didn’t fix it. 

I can’t buy anything online yet because my parents won’t let me. I’ll try at RadioShack and maybe they can order it for me. eBay has it for $3. I’ll look into. 

My First Disassemble







First, I had to the check the peripherals. I had to switch the CPU because there wasn’t RAM. It makes a beeping sound if you didn’t know already. I check if everything was working okay and tomorrow I will dissemble it.

Security on Election Day

I was told that there use topotential-cyber-attacks-that-could-impact-you-and-possibly-your-business-in-2016 be no school on election day. Also why don’t they cancel school since I see more security then normal? Maybe because if we don’t do our daily routines, our risk of danger may be increased.

I was watching the news yesterday and found out that they might be three states that will get a cyber attack.   On October 28, 2016, according to politico.com “State election officials around the country are woefully unprepared for a cyber disruption around Election Day.” Of course, the States are well prepared for a tornado or hurricane then a cyber attack because network security jobs are not fully filled yet.

A New Journey to Code in Python

As a gift, I received a kit to make an mBot. For the programming, I’m going to use python. I picked up this book from the library to learn more about it. Its say it takes about 24 hours to learn to code but i’m not going to stay up two days straight to get it done. I’m going to used about an hour or two of my free time to learn to code.

Goal: Learn to code python in a month.Image result for python programming

Deadline: November 11, 2016

I’ll be posting some of the things I learned, so

follow my blog for python tips.

Excited for IT Essentials

Ever since I found a passion for computers, I have been researching for opportunities. I am excited for college and ready to start building my career. To advance my career at the end of June 2017, I’ll be certified for CCNA. Only thing i have to do is put forth my best work and take up the challenges I encounter. This is how I know I will succeed.

Hope for the best!!


(IT essentials class started today.)